Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Headed to China to Empower Women in the World Academy for the Future of Women!

After many months of preparation, the day has finally arrived! So got the bags packed. One suitcase filled with food just in case the food doesn't agree with me. Thoughts racing through my head....did I remember everything? Kangoos are on feet and ready to BOUNCE! Managed to make it through ALL the checkpoints in all the different countries TSA approved with a BIG smile. Met people from all over the world. The Kangoos were at least a great conversation starter!
Flight wasn't too bad other than 20 some hours of travel.

Was greeted at the airport by three World Academy Members holding a sign welcoming me to China and Sias University!

I've never experienced such a warm welcome going to a new country! The Academy Members faces were lit up like Christmas trees as we were all about to embark on a new adventure!
As we drove to the University, the students began to tell me about their projects they were working on for the World Academy for the Future of Women.

The first Academy member spoke of her HIV project where a group of students did a gala fundraiser where they sold tickets and provided refreshments. 

The next student spoke of her project of the free lunch program where many meals would be provided so less children would go hungry.

And the male academy member for the Future of Women spoke of spending time with children with mental disabilities. Their project is called Warm Hearts. He also spoke of its not always raising money but actually spending time is also very valuable.

To see the light in the students’ eyes as they spoke about their projects, warmed my heart.
So many experiences to share these students already have a place in my heart by their compassion, their eagerness to learn, and most importantly to pave the way for others by being Global Citizens!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Living a life with Passion! The World Academy for the Future of Women!

                             Donate to the World Academy for the Future of Women!

There are moments in your life that you are called upon to do what makes your heart sing. Something that propels you to take action, step outside of your comfort zone to help others be leaders. It takes a lot of personal strength, dedication, perseverence, and tenacity to uproot your entire life to go out and do what your heart tells you is where you need to be!

I know first hand what it is like to have a health challenge. It's been over 25 years now that I have been an athlete with type 1 diabetes.
It is now time to pay it forward and share my gifts with the hope of inspiring others to play BIG in their life and make a GLOBAL difference.

This leads me to sharing with you that.....
I have been invited to be a facilitator for the World Academy for the Future of Women!

What is the World Academy for the Future of Women?
The purpose of the World Academy for the Future of Women (WAFW) is to promote and accelerate women's leadership worldwide. Their mission is to "engage women in discovering their purpose and passion in inspire,inform, and instruct in finding their path to success." This program that I have the opportunity to be part of will bring education to women in things we take for granted, such as ; self-care, knowledge of general health and wellness information, and literacy programs.

What Kyna can offer the program?
Many of you know that my passion lies in physical fitness. It has always been my mission to empower people through fitness and proper nutrition. The World Academy is in Xinzheng, Henan Province in China. There I will be  facilitating in teaching key elements in health, wellness, self-care, nutrition, and fitness. Will also be teaching key marketing elements to branding yourself effectively for workplace readiness.

Why I need your help?
This amazing opportunity will take me to China where I will spend 5 weeks facilitating in Health and Wellness for Women. All facilitators of the WAFW are on a volunteer basis. The expense of travel and living cost are all to be covered by each individual facilitator. Which is why I am writing this letter to request your support in making a Global difference. Your assistance in assisting me in helping these women that want to be leaders in their community would be greatly appreciated! Your sponsorship or contribution would greatly assist in the mission to empower women, setting up free lunch programs, and teaching literacy to the women of China.

I thank you in advance in opening your heart to assisting my dream in making a global impact with these amazing powerful aspiring women!
****A Special Thank you to Beautiful U Travel for assisting with this blog post.****

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

109 Year-Old Man Exercising in Kangoo Jumps!

Have you ever asked a friend to do something different and their response was, Oh I Could never do that, I'm too OLD! I personally have had that happen with many people I meet from all over the country.

Many people allow FEAR to get the best of them and STOP them from their fullest potential.

What would YOU do if you knew you could not FAIL?

I just recently met a 109 year old man that truly inspired me! Bernando is a man with a positive outlook on life and is willing to take risks and stay proactive in keeping in such great health, even at 109!

Here is a video of Bernando demonstrating how easy it is to use Kangoo Jumps!

If Bernando can do this, so can you! Check this out!

This Video was filmed at the Kangen Health & Wellness Center.

For more information on Kangoo Jumps and it's medical benefits; go to or email

Monday, July 26, 2010

Kids Driving you CRAZY? How to entertain your kids in the AZ HEAT!

For most parents, this can be the most difficult time of year to keep your kids active and entertained in the Arizona Heat!
Here is a list of things to do to keep your kids entertained and cool in the Arizona heat!
1) Visit your nearest ice rink
2) Take the kids Rollerskating
3) Bring your kids to a Kangoo Jump Class Visit
4) Visit your nearest water park.
5) Take them to the science museum
6) Look into indoor game places such as Gameworks or Dave and Busters.
7) Set up an obstacle course in the house
8) Do circuit training stations in the house.
9) Turn the tunes on and get the whole family dancing!
10) Turn clean time into a game with music and healthy treats as rewards!

This is sure to wear your kids out and keep them active!

For more information on Having Kangoo Club AZ host your next event or Birthday Party,
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fitness Tips for Surviving the HEAT!

What to do to survive this Arizona HEAT and still get in great Shape?

Many of us get tired, discouraged, and agitated by the excessive heat of the Arizona Summer. At 115 degrees, it isn't always as easy to stay motivated on your workout plan as much as you want to get in great shape.

Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated;

1) Stay Hydrated
2) Add Electrolytes to your water. Eg. Emergen-C, Nuun Active Hydration
3) Try drinking coconut water high in electrolytes and potassium.
4) Always carry snacks and extra water with you to help prevent heat exhaustion.
5) Eat foods high in water content and enzymes to keep the body nourished. eg. Watermelon and papaya
6) Find an accountability partner
7) Try a new exercise eg. Kangoo Club AZ Indoor Cardio Class
8) Start early in the AM or after sundown for cooler temps
9) Take up Ice skating
10) Visit your local Rollerskating Rink to get out of the heat.
11) Take up swimming
12) Always carry a damp towel to help cool you down
13) Use peppermint oil on your pulse points to help bring your core body temp down.
14) Use a hat to help stay cooler.
15) Always use sunblock.
16) Choose clothing that helps wick the sweat and keep you cooler. eg. dry- weave
17) Reward yourself for sticking with your plan.
18) Keep a success Journal -5 Successes a day to track your progress and give you a sense of accomplishment.
19) Make it FUN!!! Whos says you can't have FUN, while getting FIT?

For more information on How to have FUN, while getting FIT,
Go to

Stay cool, have FUN, getting FIT!

Health Coach/Fitness Trainer
Get Fit With Kyna
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