Tuesday, December 14, 2010

109 Year-Old Man Exercising in Kangoo Jumps!

Have you ever asked a friend to do something different and their response was, Oh I Could never do that, I'm too OLD! I personally have had that happen with many people I meet from all over the country.

Many people allow FEAR to get the best of them and STOP them from their fullest potential.

What would YOU do if you knew you could not FAIL?

I just recently met a 109 year old man that truly inspired me! Bernando is a man with a positive outlook on life and is willing to take risks and stay proactive in keeping in such great health, even at 109!

Here is a video of Bernando demonstrating how easy it is to use Kangoo Jumps!

If Bernando can do this, so can you! Check this out!

This Video was filmed at the Kangen Health & Wellness Center.

For more information on Kangoo Jumps and it's medical benefits; go to www.kangooclubaz.com or email info@kangooclubaz.com

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