Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fitness Tips for Surviving the HEAT!

What to do to survive this Arizona HEAT and still get in great Shape?

Many of us get tired, discouraged, and agitated by the excessive heat of the Arizona Summer. At 115 degrees, it isn't always as easy to stay motivated on your workout plan as much as you want to get in great shape.

Here are a few tips to help keep you motivated;

1) Stay Hydrated
2) Add Electrolytes to your water. Eg. Emergen-C, Nuun Active Hydration
3) Try drinking coconut water high in electrolytes and potassium.
4) Always carry snacks and extra water with you to help prevent heat exhaustion.
5) Eat foods high in water content and enzymes to keep the body nourished. eg. Watermelon and papaya
6) Find an accountability partner
7) Try a new exercise eg. Kangoo Club AZ Indoor Cardio Class
8) Start early in the AM or after sundown for cooler temps
9) Take up Ice skating
10) Visit your local Rollerskating Rink to get out of the heat.
11) Take up swimming
12) Always carry a damp towel to help cool you down
13) Use peppermint oil on your pulse points to help bring your core body temp down.
14) Use a hat to help stay cooler.
15) Always use sunblock.
16) Choose clothing that helps wick the sweat and keep you cooler. eg. dry- weave
17) Reward yourself for sticking with your plan.
18) Keep a success Journal -5 Successes a day to track your progress and give you a sense of accomplishment.
19) Make it FUN!!! Whos says you can't have FUN, while getting FIT?

For more information on How to have FUN, while getting FIT,
Go to www.kangooclubaz.com

Stay cool, have FUN, getting FIT!

Health Coach/Fitness Trainer
Get Fit With Kyna
Kangoo Club Arizona


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