Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Headed to China to Empower Women in the World Academy for the Future of Women!

After many months of preparation, the day has finally arrived! So got the bags packed. One suitcase filled with food just in case the food doesn't agree with me. Thoughts racing through my head....did I remember everything? Kangoos are on feet and ready to BOUNCE! Managed to make it through ALL the checkpoints in all the different countries TSA approved with a BIG smile. Met people from all over the world. The Kangoos were at least a great conversation starter!
Flight wasn't too bad other than 20 some hours of travel.

Was greeted at the airport by three World Academy Members holding a sign welcoming me to China and Sias University!

I've never experienced such a warm welcome going to a new country! The Academy Members faces were lit up like Christmas trees as we were all about to embark on a new adventure!
As we drove to the University, the students began to tell me about their projects they were working on for the World Academy for the Future of Women.

The first Academy member spoke of her HIV project where a group of students did a gala fundraiser where they sold tickets and provided refreshments. 

The next student spoke of her project of the free lunch program where many meals would be provided so less children would go hungry.

And the male academy member for the Future of Women spoke of spending time with children with mental disabilities. Their project is called Warm Hearts. He also spoke of its not always raising money but actually spending time is also very valuable.

To see the light in the students’ eyes as they spoke about their projects, warmed my heart.
So many experiences to share these students already have a place in my heart by their compassion, their eagerness to learn, and most importantly to pave the way for others by being Global Citizens!