Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm exercising and I'm still not losing weight!

Many of my clients when they first start working with me ask the ever so popular question, I'm exercising and I'm not losing weight....why can't I lose the weight?
The first thing I always ask them is what does your food look like....?
A great deal is uncovered in that question alone...
The biggest thing i'd like to touch on today, is the hidden calories in beverages, from smoothies to alcoholic beverages.
Not only are there hidden calories in alcohol but it also slows down a person's metabolism and makes it more challenging for a person to lose weight.
In addition to that, they are most likely, empty calories! Meaning no nutrients that actually feed your body and help nourish you.
So, the question you may be asking yourself right now...?
So, if I WERE to have a drink, which ones are best? Well, Calorie wise, The drinks with the lowest calories are;

1) Shot of Rum, Vodka, Whiskey 97 calories
2) Light Beer 103 Calories
3) Champagne 105 Calories
4) Red or White wine 124 Calories

Drinks containing 150-180 Calories

1) Cosmopolitan 150 Calories
2) Mojito 150 Calories
3) Regular Beer 153 Calories
4) Martini 175 Calories
5) Gin and Tonic 178 Calories

Off the Charts!!!

1) Pina Colada 462 Calories
2) Frozen Margarita 740 Calories
3) Long Island Ice Tea 780 Calories

All this really is .....an awareness....
They say, we can't manage what we don't measure...!!
To be continued....will also include other beverages with hidden calories in another post coming to soon!!