Monday, November 16, 2009

Kangoo Jumpin' with Kyna!!

Kangoo jumps! Bouncy shoes @getfitwithkyna on Twitpic
You are all probably wondering....what the heck are Kangoo Jumps???
Hmmm....Let me start out by saying...they are a Highly addictive piece of fitness equipment that reduces 80% of the shock in your body, helps in increasing your vertical, brings more oxygen to the body, increases endorphins, increases bone density, works the entire lymphatic system, helps in aiding weightloss...other than that...they don't do a whole lot!
One of my favorite things to do in my Kangoo Jumps is go running in them! Ok well they are also a lot of FUN going clubbing in the Kangoo Jumps! Plus..for some of us that are a little short, they make great platforms with a little extra bounce!

Did I mention, kids LOVE them too?! One of my training clients actually said, "These would be great for my son with ADD!!"

Stay tuned for more fun and Krazy adventures with Kangoo Jumpin With Kyna!